The mental toll of watching from afar

After the most recent short lock-down, my life in Auckland has a level of pre-COVID-19 normalcy that, in the future, children everywhere might read as a bed-time fairy tale. We’re … Continue reading

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Notes to my younger self: Five comments to ignore straightaway

Almost finishing another round around the sun is fun. It’s not my birthday today, but in light of it being soonish here goes: Random comment #1: Come on, be positive. … Continue reading

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What fun! I finally get to put up my original Shahenshah (1988 film) poster

I got this from a secret source in Mumbai many years ago for, wait for it, free. True story. Really loving that I am now rediscovering (or owning) my love … Continue reading

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Dear B Praak and Jaani

I’m relatively new to seeking out Punjabi popular music. I came across you both. I like your music, it’s melodious and the videos are well produced. In one song I … Continue reading

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Gunjan Saxena plays it safe

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl released on Netflix a few days ago. I made it a point to watch it because I was curious about Janhvi Kapoor’s acting chops. I … Continue reading

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What’s common between Salvador Dali and Bahubali?

Confession, I’m a fan of Prabhas. Remember the dude from the Bahubali movies? Yeah, that one. If you haven’t seen this movie, never-mind. Watch this song instead to know what … Continue reading

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My uninformed opinion on Judith Collins (that no one asked for)

The polls are looking great for the Labour party right now but I’m sure no one is getting complacent. They shouldn’t either and let me explain why. I heard Collins … Continue reading

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My questions to the makers of these epic Hindi films… from the 1980s

I’ve had these burning questions for a while now. While I’m cleaning house, now is as good a time as any to ask them and put them out in the … Continue reading

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Haikus written on Mumbai’s local trains

I used to travel a lot on local trains in Mumbai in 2000s. It is the a fast, efficient way to get around the city. They serve a huge number … Continue reading

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The love story challenge

Over the last few months my writing has been pretty dark. Who knows why! So I wanted to write something a bit different, something a little sweet and sentimental and … Continue reading

July 7, 2020 · 1 Comment

No, silence is not violence

There is a time to speak and there is a  time to shut up. I hope a certain Bollywood celebrity has learnt that by now. Much has been written about … Continue reading

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Why I won’t sign the petition to boycott Karan Johar, YRF films, Salman Khan

A talented, young actor dies by suicide. Outrage ensues, fingers are pointed. Heated discussion on noisy television debates fuel news cycles. Then everything is sure to go back to what … Continue reading

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Observations on Mother’s Day (in the US) with Aai and Maushi as a sample of two

“Oh, it’s mother’s day,” I said. I am happily disengaged from social media in the great lockdown and only realised this late in the evening. “Oh, right,” said my Mother … Continue reading

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The joys of the ordinary life

Not sure if it’s just me but… daily life can be a minefield of messages and images glorifying excellence, valourising winning and defining success in the form of an individual … Continue reading

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By all means, protest

Happy new year! If social media feeds are to be believed, it is the season of protests. And why not. There are several politicized, polarizing issues worldwide that deserve the … Continue reading

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Here’s a Bollywood over-reaction for you..

Fun times… This dude calls community concerns a ‘Bollywood Overreaction’. The issue of delays in partner visas is important and people affected by it are probably putting their lives on … Continue reading

November 5, 2019 · 2 Comments

Weighty matters

Everything was fine. Then I put on weight. Next min I’m creating this weird photo collage of myself. Yes, and taking pictures of myself in the gym (yikes… looks sky-wards), … Continue reading

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How I eat Indian food

Food is a place of comfort for me. That’s why I cook. I didn’t really cook until I started to live on my own in my 20s. But then it … Continue reading

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Raising the brevity stakes

So, today I challenged myself to write 5 stories under 10 words in 20 minutes. It was super hard. Loud silences eventually deepened and filled the chasm. Everyday, talking to … Continue reading

July 31, 2019 · 2 Comments

A non-fan’s guide to surviving the cricket world cup

We’re lucky in New Zealand, the matches are streamed live at odd hours. Thanks to this, I have thus far managed to totally avoid any exposure to the ongoing Cricket … Continue reading

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