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The upcycling collab

Late last year, a pile of sarees and denims were asking for a second chance. After a quick google search, I got in touch with Shruti Dharwadkar (also cousin) of … Continue reading

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It’s done!

In December 2016, a few weeks before I was meant to go on a holiday, I found myself waking up amidst a scatter of academic articles, handwritten scribbled notes, pens … Continue reading

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It’s Māori Language Week

It’s Māori Language Week and also marks the 30th anniversary of Te Reo Māori being an official language of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Here are the top 3 things I’m going … Continue reading

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Dream invitation to catch-up

Here’s a template to use for a friend who loves being around you, but, sometimes doesn’t like talking much. In short, if you have introverts or generally shy people as … Continue reading

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Film: Postcard

Three stories in one film. Watch only if feeling contemplative or even bordering on morose. Review. Trailer. Oh, it’s in Marathi with subtitles. Mentions author G. A. Kulkarni.

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Leave it chunky

We intended making soup which turned into a chunky vegetable hot-pot. Here’s how: Peel and chop butternut squash and quarter onions. In a pan, add a table spoon of oil, … Continue reading

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Not sold on the new Nike ad

I saw the video popping up on social media feeds everywhere. Somehow, it made me a tad uncomfortable though I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. A healthy agree-disagree … Continue reading

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