Raising the brevity stakes

So, today I challenged myself to write 5 stories under 10 words in 20 minutes. It was super hard. Loud silences eventually deepened and filled the chasm. Everyday, talking to … Continue reading

July 31, 2019 · 2 Comments

A non-fan’s guide to surviving the cricket world cup

We’re lucky in New Zealand, the matches are streamed live at odd hours. Thanks to this, I have thus far managed to totally avoid any exposure to the ongoing Cricket … Continue reading

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To subeditors with love

Airports are great places for reflection and rolling phone screens. I found myself in a situation this week at one such airport. Social media and media in general provided the … Continue reading

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No, don’t pause when you’re angry

When something feels like $#!T; it’s ok to say it. I know, I know… this perhaps goes against the popular and lazy missive, ‘speak no evil’. But when did saying … Continue reading

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There I said it: BFFs is a toxic concept

BFFs or Best Friends Forever. Let’s get real. Nothing is forever. We’re all constantly changing. To expect a relationship to stay the same is unreasonable. To expect the same out … Continue reading

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Covering a racist attack and what they nailed with this headline

This is a post in reaction to this story I read just now: Racial attack: Kiwi beaten, verbally abused in daylight assault in Auckland’s Sandringham Even as I think there … Continue reading

June 5, 2019 · 2 Comments

Easy writing about worrying thoughts

The easiest blog posts to write are the ones that come immediately after heated arguments. Or in reaction to worrying comments made in the world. Here are a few that … Continue reading

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